Mission and Vision


The mission of the University of Zagreb School of Medicine consists of the effort of its faculty to educate competent health professionals who will use their knowledge to improve medical practice, education and research. The objective of the School is to enroll outstanding students who will understand the theoretical and practical, psychological, sociological, economic and cultural factors that influence health and disease; who would be willing to devote to caring for their patients, to take the necessary actions and to show compassion for the patient. The School of Medicine wants to offer a program that is aimed at students, which integrates basic science, excellent clinical education, professional standards and ethical principles; apply the best methods of education, recognize and reward the best students. The ZSM wants to create a stimulating intellectual environment, promote scientific and humanitarian aspects of medical practice and at the same time carry out scientific research in the framework of international and national projects that result in the advancement of science, the application in the teaching process and the improvement of health care.


The University of Zagreb School of Medicine is a national, internationally recognized academic institution devoted to excellence in education, scientific research and transfer of knowledge in the area of biomedicine and health care.


The strategies for the development of the University of Zagreb School of Medicine are based on the core activities of the Faculty and include the following:

  • Strategy of promoting quality culture and the development of quality assurance system
  • Strategy of quality culture in study programs
  • Strategy of student support
  • Strategy of development of quality of research
  • Strategy of development and use of the IT technologies
  • Strategy of development of collaboration at the national level
  • Strategy of development of international relations
  • Strategy of improvement of infrastructure, management and organization of work

The evaluation strategy is part of the internal and independent external evaluation of the quality of the School of Medicine and is the basis for promoting a culture of quality of all its activities. Strategy of Development of the University of Zagreb School of Medicine for the period of 2012 ‐ 2015, adopted by the Faculty Council on 18 May 2012.
The strategy is based on the fundamental values of the ZSM, and they are, briefly, the following:

  • competent teachers who are leaders in their scientific and professional areas in the Republic of Croatia and have national, regional and international reputation;
  • the previous references of the School of Medicine that guarantee
  • a high level of quality in teaching, research and transfer of knowledge into practice;  a high‐quality infrastructure support of the realization of all activities of the School of Medicine
  • student‐centered teaching, in line with the agreed principles and standards of international medical education.